Royal Weddings at Bijolai Palace Hotel - A Luxury Jodhpur Wedding Venue

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The event of tying a knot is an auspicious one. Therefore, Bijolai Palace Hotel, Jodhpur, has left no stone unturned to make sure that this moment of yours is imprinted with the best memories. As one of the popular palaces in Rajasthan, our palace hotel in Jodhpur is a perfect Jodhpur Wedding venue for your dream wedding. Welcome to one of the best royal wedding destinations in Jodhpur.

The hotel has everything you need to plan your royal wedding - from sprawling green lawns with the orange-tinged sky to the view of the serene surface of the Bijolai Lake. And what’s a celebration without a feast? Gourmet food by one of the best restaurants in Jodhpur is served to keep a constant satisfied smile on the face of the guests. Bijolai Hotel Palace also takes care of the decor, be it elegant, minimalistic or dazzling - your wish is what we fulfill.
Be it a simple yet sweet union or a grand spectacle of a wedding, Bijolai Palace Hotel, promises to make your wedding a happy one. Our hospitality and facilities will put a smile on your face when you remember the special moment, years down the memory lane. Visit the oldest and the best heritage hotel in Jodhpur for your fairytale weddings in Jodhpur.