Bijolai Royal Experiences at Bijolai Palace Hotel, Jodhpur

Filled with adventurous and soulful experiences, there are enough astonishing things to see in Jodhpur during your holiday retreat.

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Find your perfect retreat during your grand vacation in Jodhpur at Bijolai Palace Hotel, Jodhpur, where we aim to create incredible memories to fill in your Rajasthan Diaries, with our offerings of experiences. Cherish the moments of happiness, astonishments, and adventure with your loved ones, while we bring you an unforgettable hotel package in Jodhpur.

Indulge in these fun-filled experience during your stay at one of the best heritage hotels in Jodhpur - Bijolai Palace, A Inde Hotel - Jodhpur.

1. Village Safari: 

Have a peek into the traditional lifestyle of the villages around Jodhpur during your stay at  Bijolai Palace Hotel, Jodhpur. Step into the sanctuary of traditional culture and craft including block printing, where you will see how people do print by hand on fabrics. Witness the life and work of the Shepherds on this unremarkable journey to the world of contemporary lifestyle with our hotel near Kaylana Lake.

2. Desert Safari: 

Get on the trail of adventure in Thar Desert, during your holiday in Jodhpur. Thar is a culture, a life in itself, a home for many trebles, animal and bird species. You will surely be amazed to see this different kind of ecosystem where inspire of harsh conditions in summer, without water, flowers bloom (a cactus species) and reptiles venture out of the earth.

3. Water Walk: 

The ‘Water Walk’ through the Bijolai Palace is a unique learning experience designed to provide first-hand information about traditional water harvesting techniques. It’s a crash-course to understanding the brilliant technology and rainwater wisdom developed over a millennium in the desert.

4. Royal Dining:

The Bijolai Palace Hotel, Jodhpur, is a place which made a wonderful setting for a fairytale wedding of former prince and princesses of Rajasthan. With a magnificent dining room, decked with palatial elegance, we offer a romantic retreat and a perfect place for your candlelight dinner. Relish upon a range of mocktails and cocktails during your blissful stay at our heritage hotel in Jodhpur.

5. Cooking Classes - Marwari Cuisine:

Master over the culinary of Marwari Cuisine during your stay at this Jodhpur hotel. Passed on from one generation to another, the authentic flavours of Marwari Cuisine have preserved its magic and still wins hearts and guts of Rajasthan. Learn to craft the magic of flavour from the expert at our royal kitchen.